4 Blockchain Startups and Cryptocurrency Insurance Providers That You Should Look Up To This 2019

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This 2019, a new era is dawning upon the insurance industry as of right now. The demand for insurance services is reaching a new all-time high. It would appear a fair few companies are already exploring options in this regard. The following companies are worth keeping an eye on in this regard, especially when it comes to their upcoming development for this year.

Not too many people know this insurance provider effectively covers cryptocurrency. More specifically, Marsh & McLennan is dedicated to service blockchain startups, as consumers are not their main target group as of right now. It is good to see firms like this focus attention on the blockchain companies which will expose more consumers to both blockchain and cryptocurrency alike. The company has confirmed business is “good”, even though the services do not come cheap.

Earlier in 2018, it became apparent XL Group has high hopes for cryptocurrency and blockchain insurance services. Although they are still in the process of properly analyzing all of the risks associated with these industries, things are progressing nicely. For now, the firm will determine the validity of coverage claims on an individual basis, which seems to be the most straightforward approach first and foremost.

Known for their sponsorship of Premier League club Manchester United, and being one of our partners here at Inmediate, AIG is another insurance provider exploring new opportunities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The firm seems a lot of merit in this industry, even though there are still a lot of options left to explore moving forward. For now, they include cryptocurrency coverage in its standard policy form.

Even so, there is no dedicated cryptocurrency insurance product offered by AIG. This is also normal, as this industry is still relatively new and needs to be treated as such. The current trend shows AIG may begin exploring options in this regard as time progresses, albeit no further specifics have been unveiled at this time.

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