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Pre-pandemic, customers were already expecting more flexible ways of contacting businesses, and likewise, businesses were becoming increasingly aware of the need to ensure accessibility for all. Some people feel comfortable on the phone, others don’t or can’t use a telephone easily as a communication channel. With many people sitting at computers all day, live chat facilities have soared in popularity in recent years.

Live chat can be used as both a reactive and proactive tool to help with client engagement and nurture the customer journey. …

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The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented event in modern history, continues to leave its mark on societies and economies around the world. We have learned many lessons so far, the most poignant one being that we weren’t prepared for this.

Amid the outbreak, businesses are trying to stay afloat, scaling down operations or shutting down altogether. The insurance industry, which supports businesses through crises and disasters, is one of the sectors at the forefront during this challenging time. And like everyone else, insurance companies are drawing lessons from the pandemic and learning to adapt.

Insuring against a pandemic is hard but not impossible

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We know that insurance is an industry based on trust — the customer pays a subscription believing if they do business with a certain company they will feel the value of that business later. Customer experience is at the root of that trust, and a large part of today’s experience comes from technology. However, according to research, only 15% of customers say they are satisfied with their insurer’s digital experience.

With an increasing amount of natural disasters and rising costs for insurance companies, how the business has been done for decades simply doesn’t cut it anymore. …



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