Blockchain: Maximizing The Insurtech Leverage At The Insurance Market

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As the whole world embraces digital transformation, in the insurtech industry there is an ingredient that remains to be the constant in everything, especially if you want some services or transactions to be much faster and secure. And that is called Blockchain.

Blockchain technology has immense potential when it comes to sharing data, processing claims, and preventing fraud in the insurance industry. However, not many companies have realized its true worth until now. Companies still need to realize that blockchain can serve a greater purpose by reducing administrative costs through automated verification of claims and payments data from third parties. Moreover, it can quickly view past claims transactions registered on blockchain for easy reference and can ensure exposures against specific risks. However, there are many more applications of blockchain that can revamp the way companies in the insurance industry function.

Improved rate of trust

Companies in the insurance industry are quite skeptical about revealing exact figures to their customers. They do not unveil the exact data to their customers, which can instill a doubt in the customers’ mind for further investments. With the implementation of blockchain technology in the insurance industry, companies can bring transparency in their transactions and enhance customers’ trust. This will help them increase their profit margins by bringing new customers and retaining the old ones.

Timely fraud detection and prevention

Frauds have become prevalent in the insurance industry over the last few years and insurance companies have been duped of millions of dollars from time to time. As a result, they are looking for technologies that could verify customers’ data and transactions for authenticity using a decentralized system. Blockchain technology has the potential to counter all such needs and provide a safe investment environment for insurance companies.

Smart contracts and better claims processing

Insurance companies have earned a name for themselves for building contracts that are lengthy and confusing. Although this is done to prevent any kind of fraud from the customers’ end, it could lead to trust issues. Blockchain technology can assist in building smart contracts that can safeguard the interests of both insurer and the insured by managing claims in a responsive and transparent way.

As a conclusion, we know insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model, and one of the technologies it needs is blockchain. As many insurers and startups continue to adopt this on their current services, we all know that a much better insurance market is coming for the consumers soon.

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