Getting Health Insurance Online — 5 Reasons On Why You Should Try It

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Getting health insurance is simply amazing. It gives you an unparalleled sense of security from lifes twists and turns. What’s more, is that the internet has come in and made this already amazing financial tool even simpler to purchase and easier to deal with, just like what our sister company — Insurance Market Singapore is offering and doing. However, there are still a number of individuals who refrain from online medical insurance plans as they are afraid to place their trust in the digital world. Keeping this in mind, the following article has highlighted some of the major benefits of getting health insurance online— hopefully, it will give anyone with aversions to online plans the impetus needed to give them a shot.

  • Saves time.

Buying offline health insurance means taking time out from your busy schedule. You have to visit multiple branches & speak to multiple sales representatives to get a good idea of your options. Once you find the right plan, you’ll have to make another visit to the branch to fill some extremely exhaustive paperwork and submit a dizzying list of documents. These days, one can compare options online in minutes as it is just as easy as flipping through the pages of a book. And buying? That’s even easier — just type in the form details, upload a few documents & make the premium payment!

  • Saves money.

Some people use the internet to compare their options but insist on visiting a branch to make the final purchase. Not only is this troublesome due to the red-tapism mentioned above, but it is also expensive in comparison to online plans. When you go through the internet, the insurance provider saves on a number of overhead costs. These savings are turned into your savings in the form of more affordable premiums. So though the plan remains the same, the price is greatly reduced.

  • Buy as per your needs.

If you buy health insurance offline, you may be influenced by an insurance agent or sale representative to buy more coverage than you need. The concept is simple — the more you buy, the more commissions they receive. Some insurance agent might event upsell certain plans just because they will earn a higher commission on them. However, when you go online, you can compare and choose plans that best suit your needs!

  • Less scope of error.

When you buy offline, some of the paperwork will be filled by the insurance agent or sales representative. This means that there is scope for error on their part. Even the smallest mistake in the paperwork could give you headaches later on. This is something you avoid with online plans as you fill all the form yourself and can check & double check all the details before proceeding.

  • Access to new-age benefits.

InsureTech companies make your life much easier — they have new-age benefits such as app-based processes, instant quotations, quick claim servicing, 24*7 chat-bot assistance, automatic electronic payments, etc. All of these have augmented health insurance and made things extremely easy for you.

We hope these pointers have given you enough reason to try getting health insurance online.

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