How Is Getting The Right Car Insurance Can Give You A Peace Of Mind

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Until now, insurance is still a very sensitive topic and many people avoid having a discussion about their insurance policies as it can get too personal.

A common myth that Insurance (whether it is health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, four-wheeler insurance, etc.) is mostly associated with accidents or misfortunes. In fact, discussion about this topic with people who have knowledge about it can help in making an informed decision while choosing any kind of insurance.

You work hard to build assets in life so you should be extra careful to protect them via insurance. There are many general insurance companies out there nowadays, and they target customers through print media, digital media, TV media, etc.

With insurance companies luring customers with different offers, customers should choose an insurance provider that has customer-friendly policies, swift claim settlement process, and timely customer support (offline & online).

It is important that you protect your prized possessions; whether it is your home, vehicle, etc. Just like you protect your jewelry by putting them in safe deposit lockers, you should protect your car by choosing the best car insurance policy.

Getting A Car Insurance

We already discussed top-level protection that car insurance policy can add more value to your car. You spend your hard-earned money to buy your dream car, so it is your responsibility to keep it protected via motor insurance.

There are different types of motor insurance or car insurance policies and the premium you pay depends on the kind of coverage that the policy offers.

Did you know that car theft is a growing epidemic around the world and as more & more people are owning a car, the number of theft cases increase at a rapid scale? The average for 2016 was 783 thefts per 100,000 people.

Nowadays, there is also a rise in the number of cases where car emblems & hood ornaments are stolen, hence you should think wisely when opting for a car insurance policy.

Some of the major benefits of car insurance are:

  • Loss or Damage protection
  • Personal accident cover
  • Liability of third parties, etc.

Nowadays leading insurance providers to have the provision of providing support via technological mediums like chatbots, mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) based solutions, etc.

Categories & add-on cover in car insurance

Some of the broad categories of motor insurance policies are below:

  • Liability insurance (mandatory car insurance policy)
  • Collision Coverage (covers the damage done to your vehicle in case it collides with another vehicle)
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Engine protector coverage (essential for someone who drives vehicles in water-logged areas, terrain areas, etc.)
  • NCB (No claim bonus) protector, etc.

Whether you own a luxurious car or a basic sedan/SUV, you should choose from different add-on covers that customer-centric general insurance companies offer. Some of the popular options are below:

Nil depreciation cover — This plan has your vehicle covered under all kind of situations since it provides complete coverage for car insurance in case of an untoward incident like accidents. This plan offers 100% insurance coverage on rubber, fiber, and metal parts. This plan is suited for newbie drivers and owners of luxury cars.

Tire cover — Damage to tires & tubes are not only covered in case the vehicle has met with an accident but it also keeps your tires protected in circumstances where damage is caused due to impact cuts, bursts, etc.

Apart from these two add-ons, there are a number of options available for customers — Key replacement protector, Loss of baggage cover, Spare car clause, etc. and a majority of these options can be found in motor insurance policies provided by leading & trusted insurance companies in India.

Before choosing the add-ons, we recommend that you have a brief discussion with an expert in the domain of insurance so that he can guide you through the whole process.

it is equally important that you spend a good amount of time in researching for the best motor insurance plan that can suit your budget & requirements.

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