September update: Everything New

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It’s been almost a month since our token generation event ended and Inmediate has been moving full speed ahead. In our September update we talk about everything new: new listings, new team members and a new prototype.

By the Inmediate team

Our token generation event ended at midnight on August 6 and it’s been exciting to see that momentum around Inmediate has not slowed down. Our proposition now resonates more strongly in the market, many new opportunities and partnerships are fleshing out and all signs point to a successful continuation in Q4 and beyond. Now that we’re engaging with our insurance partners and product development is on the way we see the puzzle pieces coming together, which is a great process to be part off.

We have recently completed the token distribution process without many hiccups. As anyone who has closely followed the price of DIT’ s will confirm, the trading climate is challenging but the underlying fundamentals are very strong. We are confident that our course is the right one and that this will eventually be duly reflected in the token value.

Good news for people who are looking to buy and trade in our tokens: DIT’s are now also listed on IDEX, which makes it the second exchange after HITBTC to handle our Direct Insurance Tokens. Note that IDEX only accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies.

On the technical side of things we are delighted to announce that we are bringing two more team members on board this month. Firstly we will welcome an additional blockchain developer to focus on developing smart contracts and, more specifically, the communication protocols with the IoT network. In addition are also bringing on an additional frontend developer who will be focusing on customer flows. With these hires the core of our tech team is in place.

Meanwhile we are getting close to finishing the technical white paper. We’re working closely with Zilliqa and the engineers on both sides. We will be able to run the first demos with our prototype within the next two weeks. If we won’t be confronted with a force majeure we should be able to share a little teaser with you early next week. Again: we’re full steam ahead and on schedule. We did make a couple of tweaks on the milestone calendar which we share with you right here;

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A couple of PSA’s before we close off:

● Going forward our Telegram channel will only be staffed between 9am and 16 pm on weekdays, Singapore time. If you have urgent questions the best to reach us is

● We’ll be updating you here on this channel every month around this time — but do check in slightly more often because if there’s big news, we’ll break it here too.

Till next time.

The Inmediate team

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