The Inmediate Whitelist and Token Sale Announcement

Yes, we are rolling out our Whitelist and Token Sale!
Here is some key information within this article.
(All dates and times refer to Singapore timezone, GMT +8)

When is the Whitelisting process?

It will start from 6th July 2018, 1900 hours till 13th July 2018, 1900 hours. And this is subject to early closure if the whitelist allocations are exceeded — so register your interest early.

What are the benefits of being Whitelisted?

The 3 main benefits are:

— You get PRIORITY to purchase DIT 24 hours before the start of the Crowdsale

—You get a HIGHER chance to get the allocation you want (ranging from 0.5 ~ 5 ETH)
(We guarantee an allocation of at least 0.5 ETH if you are successful and purchase within the Whitelist purchase window)

  • You enjoy 2X the bonus compared to the Crowdsale

How do I join the Whitelist?

From 6th July 2018 (1900 hours) onwards, there will be a whitelist button up on our site. (

From there on, do follow the instructions on the screen. We explain what to prepare for the Whitelist in the next question.

What do I need to prepare for Whitelisting?

Our Whitelisting process consists of 2 parts: Indicative amount of DIT you wish to purchase, and KYC

You need to indicate your amount of ETH that you wish to commit, from a minimum of 0.5 ETH to a maximum of 5 ETH. (You can still change that amount on the day of purchase)

For the KYC process, you need to prepare:

1) An ID document with your photo (We strongly recommend using your passport)
2) A selfie taken together with your ID document
3) A document that proves your address, examples are:

- Bank Statements

- Utility Bill Statements (within the last 3 months)

- Internet/Cable TV/Home Phone Line Bills

  • Tax Returns

When can I start to buy tokens?

Once you are successfully Whitelisted, there will be a 24 hour period for you to purchase DIT BEFORE the actual Crowdsale starts. We call that the Whitelist purchase window.

Details here as follows -

For Whitelisted individuals: 17th July 1900 hours till 18th July 1900 hours
(This is the Whitelist purchase window, subject to early closure once the Whitelist allocation is exceeded)

For General public: 18th July 2018 1900 hours till 22nd July 2018 1900 hours
(subject to early closure once the hard cap is reached)

Bonus structure of Whitelist purchasers and Crowdsale purchasers

For Whitelisted individuals that purchase within the Whitelist purchase window, they will be awarded 5% bonus tokens.

For the General Public who purchase DIT during the Crowdsale, here is the bonus structure-

Day 1 of Crowdsale (18th July 2018 1900 till 19th July 1900): 2.5% bonus tokens
Day 2 of Crowdsale (19th July 2018 1900 till 20th July 2018 1900): 1 % bonus tokens
Day 3 till end of Crowdsale (20th July 2018 1900 till 22nd July 2019 1900): 0% bonus tokens

It pays to be on the Whitelist, so act as soon as you can! Whitelisted individuals can still continue to purchase DIT during the Crowdsale, and be awarded the respective Crowdsale bonuses applicable for during each day.

Allocation Structure for Whitelist and Crowdsale

For Whitelisted individuals, during Whitelist purchase window: 0.5 ETH (minimum) to 5 ETH (maximum)
For Crowdsale (Day 1): 0.5 ETH (minimum) to 10 ETH (maximum)
For Crowdsale (Day 2 till end of Crowdsale): 0.5 ETH (minimum) to 20 ETH (maximum)

When will DIT be sent to my wallet?

We will send the DIT to your specified wallet address within 5 business days after the closure of the Crowdsale.

Please only specify personal wallets and not exchange wallets — you will only receive DIT successfully to your personal wallets.

What are the exchange listing plans for Inmediate?

We will list within 4 weeks of closure of the Crowdsale.

What is the lockup period?

For Whitelist and General public purchases, there will be no lock up period. We believe strongly in the long term outlook of our project!

Number of tokens available for purchase

The total amount of DIT that we are generating is 1 Billion. Of which, 40% are available for sale (400,000,000 DIT)

Who can participate in the token sale?

We welcome all participants but unfortunately have to exclude:
— US and China Citizens
— Those who are located in a jurisdiction, where our Token Sale is prohibited, restricted or unauthorized in any form or manner whether in full or in part under its laws, regulatory requirements or rules.

Key information to Note:

We have surpassed our soft cap of 4 million USD
Our hardcap is 16 million USD
Token Price is $0.04 USD per DIT

Need help?

The fastest way to get support is to head on down to our Telegram Channel:

Legal Disclaimer:

Only eligible participants as laid out above and in our Whitepaper are permitted to purchase DIT. Prospective acquirers of DIT should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with cryptocurrencies, Inmediate Pte. Ltd. and their respective businesses and operations, the DIT utility tokens and the DIT token sale. Potential token purchasers must familiarize themselves with all the information set out in our Whitepaper including potential risks and the T&C prior to any purchase of DIT. This does not constitute or form part of any investment opinion or any investment advice. We recommend that you seek out independent financial and/or legal advice before engaging in any sort of business endeavor.

Wishing everyone the best of luck and thank you for your support!




Introducing Inmediate: a platform on which customers, distributors and insurers using smart contracts connect.

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Introducing Inmediate: a platform on which customers, distributors and insurers using smart contracts connect.

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