The Transformation Of Insurance By Means Of Blockchain And AI

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Industry 4.0 is going to change the way insurance businesses gather, store, and process data. Blockchain and AI will have an impact on the entire business cycle from insurance underwriting to claims processing.

Today, nearly a third of insurance customers globally are using solutions from insurtech providers. Over the past years, technologies have significantly changed the traditional insurance industry and will continue to do so. Particularly, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology will play an increasingly important role for both insurance companies and their customers.

Claims processing: Blockchain-based data sharing and AI-supported data verification

Processing insurance claims is a slow and tedious process that is prone to error and relies heavily on data as well as the cooperation of multiple parties. In case of an accident, for example, the patient, his health insurance, healthcare providers, and potentially even law enforcement authorities need to exchange data. This communication can be inefficient and time-consuming.

Using blockchain technology, all involved parties can upload, view, and manage documents directly and digitally. Insurance providers can even automate claims processing using smart contracts.

Asset tracking: Proof of ownership

Blockchain is already being used by many companies to efficiently track the proof of ownership of certain assets. Being able to prove ownership of an asset is paramount for many insurance policies, for example, liability insurances.

Fraud prevention: AI-based image recognition and blockchain-based data-sharing

Insurance frauds are happening around the world, and with the introduction of blockchain in insurance, companies will improve collaboration among several insurance providers, making it easier to detect and prevent fraud attempts.

Industry 4.0 will reshape the insurance industry

Blockchain provides a tool that enables secure, transparent, and cost-effective data-recording and data-sharing. AI can complement the insurtech suite by personalizing insurance policies, automating the underwriting process, and chatbots can realize a more customer-centric marketing approach.

Data is the centerpiece of the insurance industry. Many insurance companies have started investing heavily in both blockchain and AI and are already seeing results. As soon as the first pilots have been successfully implemented, it is only a matter of time until insurance companies start using blockchain and AI technologies on a large scale.

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