The Techhies at our Inmediate Decentralised Next Generation Insurance Platform

Inmediate, the next generation Decentralised Insurance Network, has an awesome Technology and Business Development team!

CEO Otbert de Jong and CTO Nelius Strydom, who are insurance industry veterans, are putting together a talented team. This article gives a brief overview of the team, their roles and passions.

Rahul Rastogi is the Lead Architect with 13+ years of tech experience in Insurance and Finance Domain. Formerly worked with Global Investment Banks like Standard Chartered Bank, DBS and Barclays. He is passionate about emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI and IOT. He is responsible for Design and Architecture of Insurance Platform on Blockchain, deciding the technology stack , understanding the bigger picture and pain points of existing systems, creating solutions & suggestions for the same.

Jeanne Achkar is Head of Customer Engagement. She leads all customer engagement and digital functions at Inmediate, the FUTURE of insurance. She has over 15 year’s experience designing innovative digital strategies. Formerly worked at Sanofi, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Michelin group, Orange. She is passionate about the Future of Technology and its impact on our lives. Revolutionising now the insurance industry with Inmediate!

The development team consists of 3 full stack developers. Franklin Joseph is the Lead Developer. He is instrumental in building innovative applications, solving complex issues, designing insurance related data model, maintaining the integrity of the e-commerce platform, server management, building consensus protocols, conceptualising and documentation, modelling and translating conventional insurance policies into smart contracts are some of the responsibilities at Inmediate. Suhail Pattanmar works as Senior Software Developer. He is a full stack developer with experience on wide range of technologies like Ruby on Rails, Angular js, Bootsrap, MySql, MongoDB, Solidity, Ethereum. He is now focusing on projects to revolutionizing insurance industry. Edgar Ji is Senior Software Developer with a focus on API design, coding and integration. He Ruby on Rails geek, interested in writing clean, well-tested codes, and developing awesome apps. A few more talented technologist in area of Blockchain and Insurance are in the pipeline and will start within the next few weeks.

Nix Yap is our Business Analyst who looks after requirement analysis, assisting with business case planning and monitoring. He uses his knowledge to drive the design or review of test cases, process change requests and manage a project’s scope, acceptance, installation and deployment. He monitors performance and generate sales reports for management. He likes to work at Inmediate because it is make up of many innovative employees who always strive to simplify extremely complicated matters and make it user-friendly for the public. It offers great environment to learn and grow.

Jeremy Gill works as Senior Data Analyst. He analyses insurance products to the bone and conceptualises user flows and processes, including regression analyses on premiums and coverage provided by insurance companies. He is responsible for interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, developing and implementing data analyses, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality, acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases. He is excited to be part of something revolutionary that will drastically alter the insurance landscape in the years ahead.

This very diversified cross functional Technology and Business Development Team will transform the insurance market ecosystem to make it more affordable, transparent and accessible to the customers.

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Introducing Inmediate: a platform on which customers, distributors and insurers using smart contracts connect.

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