What Are Services Offered By Inmediate To Resolve Issues In The Insurance Sector?

We here at Inmediate is always looking forward to changes. Especially during this time of COVID-19 that has affected the whole traditional insurance transactions around the globe.

Inmediate was launched by industry veterans in 2018, supported by Deloitte, FWD and four more phase one insurance partners, we aim to connect insurers, distributors, and consumers for an all-encompassing end-to-end insurance experience.

And as a smart platform that uses both blockchain technology and AI, and wants to move the entire insurance ecosystem to the blockchain, with the mission of making insurance more readily available in a simple, reliable, cheap and transparent way to anyone, not bound by place or time, we now offer unique services that can enable both insurers and policy holders convenience and ease of use.

Our extensive experience in insurance and technology positions us as the best to run your flexible new technology solutions, while you focus on your business, we have your back so you can be competitive and successful in the future ahead.

The Services Of Inmediate

  • Network: i-Nodes — With i-Nodes, we provide ledger and node connections and interfaces for all eco system participants in shared industry solutions. We provide the notary services and manage data and governance standards and services.
  • Solution: i-365i-365 is a subscription based service whereby all an insurer needs is an internet connection to access controls and dashboards.

We at Inmediate operates the entire ecosystem, with you at the controls. We take care of capacity, security, speed and reliability.

Did Inmediate Changed Its Concept?

To know more about us and our DIT tokens, you can visit our website at https://inmediate.io/ or email us at contact@inmediate.io.

Introducing Inmediate: a platform on which customers, distributors and insurers using smart contracts connect. https://inmediate.io